Gemsfeed is a service powered by the GemCloud Group.

The team at GemCloud have developed a comprehensive technology stack of services for gemstone buyers and sellers.

From mine-to-market inventory management, the ability to split and combine parcels seamlessly, to our digital-photo gemstone library & feed, we enable traceability solutions. Each aspect of our service is a gamechanger for users all along the supply chain.

Together, they transform and modernize the gemstone and jewelry industries.

GemFeed is subscription-free and enables e- commerce retailers to access global inventories & markets through a single trusted partner. GemsFeed offers a wide range of qualities, from commercial to fine, uniformly graded, enabling consistent supply.

Founded by experts from all areas of the industry, in partnership with the creators of one of the world’s leading jewellery manufacturing systems, GemCloud and its brands have been created with the purpose to revolutionize the management of coloured gemstone inventory for gemstone producers and traders, facilitating transparent trading of coloured gemstones and adding value to the work of traders by supporting their business through the automated features and the provisions of insights into their inventory.

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