world's gemstones at your fingertips

GemsFeed works with a wide variety of the world's gemstone sources, accessing the most competitive pricing, so you don’t have to.

gemstones digital library

Imagine a pristine, consistently presented feed of gemstones from all around the world, lab graded to standardized color & clarity criteria, replete with a lab report including grading.

No monthly fees. No set-up fees.

GemsFeed allows you to work with a single vendor to gain access to better pricing on a broad selection of gemstones, simplifying sourcing by streamlining the supply chain.


The visuals are truly accurate, with our 360 videos you will see how the gem looks like as if you were looking at it in natural day light.

You can take a deep dive in the gemstone, see all fingerprints and facets. Each visual undergoes a strict QC to make sure the gem is accurately represented and that you will be satisfied. 


Each gemstone in your live feed is accompanied by a lab report which is uploaded and verifiable though the laboratory website.

We work with partnered laboratories of high integrity and professionalism and we are expanding our portfolio.

vendor verification

We verify each vendor in partnership with the Colored Gemstones Working Group, the TDI Sustainability and the Gemstones and Jewellery Platform, aligning to our partners’ standards for responsible sourcing.  More information in the ‘sustainability’ section.

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