Gemsfeed solution

A live feed from a standardized digital library of thousands of colored gemstones sourced globally for you.


Gemsfeed is part of a technology suite of services developed by the GemCloud Group specifically for the colored gemstones industry, to serve the gemstone buyers and sellers at various ends of the supply chain.

We sync a large inventory in real time on your website.


We onboard suppliers through our GemCloud sister company, vet each vendor and verify each gemstone.

We work with source Partner Vendors who have the widest variety of the world’s gemstone sources, accessing the most competitive pricing, so you don’t have to.


Gemsfeed is a one-to-one bespoke sourcing solution. Once you login you will have the world’s gemstones at your fingertips. You will deal with one single interlocutor, one uniform language, one standard, one shipping solution, one bank account. Click here to login


We do the work for you by aggregating and curating a pristine, consistently presented feed of gemstones from all around the world, graded to standardized color & clarity criteria, replete with a lab report including grading.

Live API Feed

GemsFeed allows you to work with a single vendor to gain access to better pricing on a broad selection of gemstones, simplifying sourcing by streamlining the supply chain.

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